Company Services

As specialist consultants, we boast a unique understanding of the marketplace and the types of trends/challenges companies can face when going in search of new recruits. With this in mind, we will use our wealth of experience to tailor the right approach to suit all requirements, whether it involves sourcing permanent, contractual or temporary staff in a wide range of roles.

The climate is so competitive these days that management teams cannot afford to direct significant resources into attracting the right people to their business. That is why we have created a system whereby we will handle the complete process, from sourcing the right candidate - using our state-of-the-art database - to carrying out screening interviews, psychometric testing and media planning exercises.

There has to be a balance between delivering what the client want and assisting the individual in their personal development. When we get this happy medium right, the rest will naturally fall into place with a little bit of hard work and determination.

In addition to providing a host of excellent local, regional and national opportunities, we also provide candidates with advice on interview techniques, CV presentation, salary guides and impartial career advice reinforced against current and future market trends.